Grammar Lesson (Centers, Tiered)

Center # 1
Dictionary Usage
Using the Sample Dictionary Page as a guide,
find the word gape and complete the following requested information.
1) part of speech 4) part of speech
2) guide word 5) pronounciation/sylables
3) two different definitions
4) word history
Please refer to the beginning of the dictionary if you require further clarification

Center #2
Make 4 columns on your paper. Title them Common Nouns, Proper Nouns, Concrete Nouns, and Abstract Nouns. Write a short definition under each type of noun. Looking at the magazine page, find three examples of each type of noun and list them under the appropriate columns. Please refer to the Writer’s Express if you need help with the different types of nouns.

Center #3
List the three main types of verbs. Use Writer’s Express to help you. Write a definition and list 5 examples of each.
Center 4
Turn the short sentence below into an exciting paragraph using descriptive adjectives. The paragraph must be at least 5 sentences in length. Highlight all adjectives used in your paragraph. Use your thesaurus to help you make an exciting paragraph.

Sentence: The school was crowded.
Center 5
Complete the worksheet and place it in your duotang.
Center 6
Pick three fragments from the bag and write words to complete the sentences. Write the sentences on your looseleaf and highlight the fragment was picked from the bag.

Center 7
Run-On Sentences
Complete the blue activity sheet on looseleaf. Correct the sentences.

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